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How are Wicca Witchcraft Spells Similar to Meditation Exercises?
There are many ways in which wicca witchcraft spells are similar to meditation exercises.  Although the two practices have unique traits, the fundamental goals can be seen as very similar.  The concepts of harmony and tranquility are key to the spiritual goals in many different religions.  The idea of enlightenment, oneness with the world is generally a Zen Buddhist idea but is not at all dissimilar to upper level Wicca witchcraft spells.

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The best wicca witchcraft spells are those that focus on generating positive emotions and finding inner happiness just as the best meditative exercises are about finding inner peace.  Dedicating time to focusing on inner peace, whether in the context of a spell or meditation, has many benefits to the individual.
Spells are nothing more than simple ceremonies, or rituals performed by Wiccans for many different reasons.  Wicca Witchcraft Spells can be done for love, happiness, relaxation and almost any other positive means one can imagine.  Like prayer, spells rely on the strength of an individual’s faith.  Buddhist meditation is also another form of prayer.  While Buddhists do not normally ask for anything in their mediations, choosing instead to believe that the answers to their problems rest within rather than without, the essential practice is the same.  By dedicating a few moments, objects and thoughts toward one specific goal, you reinforce its importance to you.  Such moments can help bring clarity to problems your subconscious has been dwelling on without you ever noticing. 
Symbols are a part of both meditation and spells.  A symbol is an excellent way of centering and finding focus.  Many religions use symbols to convey greater meaning than words alone can hold.  Symbols like the pentacle and Celtic knots are used as because their visual nature is endless, in addition to their underlying meaning. 
There are different kinds of meditation just as there are different kinds of spells.  Some meditations concentrate on compassion, kindness, sympathetic joy, equanimity, inner peace, clarity and wisdom. 
There are many Wiccans who consider meditation, both in and out of spells to be a vital part of their craft.  The most advanced wicca witchcraft spells involve the use of strong meditative powers, as skill which can only be developed with regular practice.  For this reason, meditation is considered a key element to becoming a powerful practicing Wicca.
Just like wicca witchcraft spells, meditation is very personal.  It must be personal in order to be effective.  For this reason, the two match well together. 

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