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Free magic spells to Use as Gifts
The best gifts always come from the heart, right?  Nothing could be more heart-felt than working a spell as a very special gift to someone.  These free magic spells are great way to add a personal touch to a gift you are giving someone.  Remember that when you cast these free magic spells for another person you are putting out positive energy, so don’t be surprised if you find the good energy coming right back to you.  Maybe in the form of many thank-yous from the person you gave it to.

Birthday Wishes Plant
This gift is a lovely one, even if the person does not believe in magick.  For the first of our free magic spells to use as gifts you may want to get started early, and grow a plant from a seed, but you can also buy one that has already grown.

A potted plant (grown from a seed, or store bought)
A piece of paper
A pen
A green ribbon

  1. Once you have gathered your materials, sit for a moment and contemplate the person for whom you are casting this spell. 
  2. Write their name on the piece of paper. 
  3. Bury the paper at the bottom of the pot, so that the plant is covering it.  As you do so, speak the following words:  Of the World may this plant grow and prosper/Planted within, not only seedling/ but hopes and dreams as well/ That all may come to fruition. 
  4. Tie the green ribbon around the pot and give your friend their birthday wishes plant. 

Magickal Relaxation Tea
The second of the free magic spells that you can use for gifts is a beautiful one.  I like to get a small craft box and then use a pretty piece of parchment attached to the top where I put the words of the incantation.  It is one of the best free magic spells I have found for relaxation, and I make it for myself all the time.  You can find loose teas in specialty tea stores or online.

A box or jar for the tea
A piece of paper
A pen
A blue piece of yarn or ribbon
One ounce each of loose Chamomile, Comfrey and Lemon Verbena tea.

    • After you gather all of your materials, focus your energy on the person for whom you are casting the spell.
    • On a piece of paper, write the following words: In this calming tonic/the drinker shall find and end/ to stresses and angers unneeded/ and with calm shall face them instead.
    • Then, mix the teas together.  As you do so, repeat the words of the incantation over and over.  Focus on infusing your feelings of calm and relaxation into the tealeaves.
    • Attach the paper with the incantation to the top and tie the ribbon or yarn around it to make this an attractive and powerful gift.

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