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Free Wicca Spells for Baths
UndergroundMagicSpellsThere are so many free wicca spells available to you that it may be hard to choose which ones suit you best, especially when you are getting started and don’t feel comfortable making up your own spells yet.  Some of the most simple and effective spells are those that can be done in a bath.  As a private time of day already, simple spells while bathing can enliven your senses as well as relaxing you and preparing you for the world.
Here are a few free wicca spells for baths
Start by drawing yourself a hot bath and clearing your mind of unwanted stresses.  This time should be yours and yours alone, do not let the rest of the world interfere with your craft.

  • Squeeze out the juice of a lemon into a small dish.  Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and five drops of essential oil and I tablespoon of sweet almond oil.
  • Slowly stir in a half-cup of sea salt.
  • Dissolve your mixture into the bathwater.  While the mixture dissolves into your bath, light four candles that you’ve anointed with essential oil and put one on each corner of your bathtub.  (If your tub is tiny, don’t put the candles too near your hair.)
  • Once the mixture has dissolved, step into your bath, focusing on the physical sensations of the moment and feel yourself comfortably contained by the water.
  • Close your eyes and imagine yourself far away, out of doors, resting on the smooth surface of a lake or ocean.  Feel the warmth of your bath as the rays of the sun, energizing your skin and soaking you in its light  

**Free Wicca spells like this one, that require nothing more than ingredients commonly found around the house allow you to explore a wealth of spells without needing to buy expensive materials. 

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Light two candles of your choice and turn of all other lights in your bathroom. In this dim light begin to fill your tub.

  • Start by anointing a few lavender buds with a small amount of vanilla.  Fill a medium sized bowl with water, add a few tablespoons of milk.  Take a stemmed rose (with the thorns carefully removed) and stir the mixture clockwise.  Drop in your anointed lavender buds and continue to stir.  As you stir, the petals of your rose should fall into the mixture, if the petals do not fall from the stem automatically, simply remove them by hand and drop them into the mixture.
  • By now your tub should be full.  Slowly pour the mixture into the water.  Step in, relax, be loved. 
  • In order to make your own free Wicca spells for baths, start by thinking of what scents you enjoy the most and do a little research into aromatherapy.  Different herbs and scents do have different therapeutic values, so if you are trying to ease the pain in your back, make sure to add a bit of thyme as a muscle relaxant.  Don’t be afraid to adapt free wicca spells you find and make them your own either.  If you have an allergy to an ingredient, don’t even think of using it, there is sure to be another element you could add to your mixture that would have the same positive elements. 

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