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Creating Your Individualized Free Love Spells
The best spells are always ones that you practice yourself.  That is why I am giving you this quick guide to creating your personal free elementary love spells. 

Love spells are one of the most popular that people seek, but before we get moving on how to make your personal free easy love spells, a few words of caution.  Love spells can be a tough business.  There are far too many out there that withdraw the free will of another person.  Invariably don’t forget the two honorable codes that those who practice witchcraft and/or Wicca should obey. 

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The first is that you may do what you will while it does not harm another person.  If you think about how you would like it if someone had control over your mind, it is clear that it can be considered harm.  The second is that whatever you execute, for good or evil, will return to you redoubled.  That means that if you rob another person of their free will, you can expect that harmful action to rejoin to wound you.

But don’t worry, there is no cause to desert love spells on the whole.  If you follow my guidebook to creating your own free charming love spells you will avoid putting anything in your spell that would overcome their free will, and hopefully it will help you attract the love you are waiting for.

The foremost thing to look at when you begin to produce your spell is what you are seeking to achieve.  This is the point where some love spells go bad and end up controlling someone.  You cannot force someone to love you, still, you can draw in their attention and give them the chance to meet you for the rare, unusual and endearing individual that you are.  You cannot cast a spell to force a past love to come back, nevertheless you can cast a spell to attract love to you.

Once you recognize that you have a true and good goal for your spell, you will need to decide what you are going to use in your spell and how you are going to use it.  There are really no boundaries here, but don’t get overwhelmed.  Commence with elementary components like candles in appropriate colors, incense and oils that work well in love spells.  You may want to introduce elements like stones or flowers that you feel drawn to for shaping this spell.  You might want to write your desired result on a piece of paper and then burn it as part of the ritual.  Remember, whatever feels right to you, whatever you feel drawn to will usually work well when making free elementary love spells.  Trust your instincts!

Next, you will want to write out your spell.  Design your entire ritual in your head and write out all the steps, including the words that you will speak.  Remember to make sure that when you write your free elementary love spells you cannot have any incantations that could withdraw the free will of another individual or execute them harm. 

Once you have everything written out and all of your materials assembled you are ready to go.   May the Blessed One be with you!

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